Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meditation....the Islamic way!


Semalam saya menghadiri antenatal class di Selangor Medical Center. My feedback? Thumbs up! Memang best (except a session when a young lady talked about dietary...pretty lame) Tapi masa Pn Faridah gave her presentation, it was funny yet very informative. Definitely I recommend going for SMC antenatal class should you need to attend one (the cheapest one too!).

Oh, salah satu yang saya belajar semalam ialah pasal the need for pregnant mother to exercise. OK, I don’t want to talk too much about the information I got from the antenatal class assuming that they can be easily found from internet/books (yet, I still went to the class, oh ho. But I can say that neither internet nor books can present the information as good as Pn Faridah could, so it was not a waste at all). Actually, yang saya nak share ialah ini: This morning I started to exercise for about 30 mins..just walking down the street at my MIL’s place. My husband was jogging too, although we took different routes (definitely cause I would not be able to catch him up). Then we took some time after the exercise to relax under the tree next to my MIL’s house. Oh it felt really good to enjoy the fresh air after such tiring walk (I must tell that I didn’t sweat much but the sense of well being did come to me). After doing some warming down, he taught me something very interesting. What is it? Jeng jeng jeng…I call it meditation the Islamic way..

Lets try it. It goes like this. Mula-mula duduk dalam keadaan bersila. Tegakkan badan belakang dan tangan di lutut dengan lengan dalam keadaan straight (posing mcm org tengah meditate tu)..tutup mata..relaks…then cuba feel angin yang bertiup dan menghembus sehingga anda dapat rasakan kesegarannya..sehingga anda menterjemahkannya sebagai satu nikmat…memang best…it was so amazing that you can even hear the sound of the flowing wind..something you would never feel or realize before. Then try to listen to any sound you hear…bunyik burung, air, desiran angin, sayup-sayup bunyi kereta…ohh memang best…terasa seperti kita dalam satu dunia lain yang penuh warna-warni dan kenikmatan. It is actually the world we live in cuma kita je yang tak pernah perasan.

So then, with all these feelings…say thanks to Allah from the very bottom of your heart..ask for His forgiveness that we rarely appreciate and be grateful to this stage, talk to Allah all you want to say like what you would have said in your doa (but in a more relaxing way)…then open your eyes…and you will find yourself feeling good. You will notice again those things you felt and heard just now when you closed your eyes….and surprisingly they would make you smile.

Believe it or not. Lets try it!


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