Sunday, September 19, 2010

Criminals are everywhere. What’s our protection : CCTV? police? ..Surah Al-Falaq?


They say....."raya sebulan!"...

So I guess I'm not too late to say: Happy Aidilfitri to all :D

How was your raya this year? To me and husband, we are blessed with the presence of our new member in the family..our Yaya..she just turned to 9 months. Oh, I really love it when she wears that cute baju kurung. Anyways, thank you atok and nenet for the baju raya. Next year, yaya would want angpow pulak hehe...

Oh, raya in Malaysia must be so happening...

Thinking about Malaysia, it scares me a lot. We read from the news about people killed ruthlessly...we heard about all sorts of crimes that had never happened before...about how merciless people can be these days....

I am as scared as everybody else..

I remember one night we sit down together, discussing about what we need to do to protect ourselves: install alarm and cctv at home,.. and the list goes on.

Even with those precautions, I wonder if they are sufficient. I wonder if we are really safe and secured...

It was like a perfect time when last night we were discussing Surah Al-Falaq. Wanted to convey to me what this surah is telling us, my husband told me story about how a girl in New York was protected from the devil. Walking home alone late at night, she was passing by a large field when she noticed there was an evil looking man standing on her way. She was scared, but she just passed him by like nothing was about to happen. And nothing did happen!

But to her surprise, the next thing she knew was the news about another girl being raped at the same place where she saw that man, at the time a bit later than the time when she passed him by! So she went to the police station and gave description about the man she saw.

The question is, why was she not the victim when obviously she could have been? What had she done? What did she use?

Apparently, when she became suspicious of that guy, she prayed to Allah and sought for His protection from any possible bad intention of that guy. To us, it may sound like miracle. It is indeed magical and the magic actually lies in her strong believe in God, that He would protect her!

To me, that girl was one of a kind. If I were in that situation, I would be scared to death. I might not know what to do. and in no time I could be a victim. To play safe, I might not even walk alone at night in the first place.

But that girl is just another typical human being. She is no hero. But she sure understands what Surah Al-Falaq is all about. That is, in making sure that we are protected from any harm and bad intention of any ways:

(1) not only that we have to do the necessary precautions, but (2) also seek for Allah's protection.

We always think about no. (1) but very seldom that we really do no. (2).

Well this applies at least to me, myself. And this is what I am learning from Surah guard myself from any danger by making sure I do all necessary precautions, but most importantly seek the protection from Allah with the strong believe that yes, He will protect me... that everything comes from Him, and to Him we seek refuge.

Alhamdulillah..I am at ease, at least a bit. Because danger is still out there, but at least now I know that I always have the ultimate protection. I just seek.

And my husband told me a good prayer for such purpose. That is:

Bismillahillazi la yadurru ma’asmihi syai’un fil ardi walaa fissama’ii, Wa huwassami ul ‘alim.

(Aku berlindung dengan nama Allah yang tidak memberi kemudaratan dengan namanya apa sahaja di bumi dan langit, Dan Dia Maha Mendengar dan Maha Mengetahui)
+ recite 3 quls + ayat kursi

May you find this useful. May Allah protect us all from any danger in any ways. Amin

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