Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the remembrance of THE BELOVED


Recently my husband got himself a new book by Jalaludin Rahmat: “The Road to Muhammad”. An interesting book, he kept saying. Yes, he is absolutely right. The title itself forces me to agree with him. So whenever the book is on its own, I have this feeling that it is kinda calling me, waving at me...saying ”come to me..read me” .(isk, mcm berhantu pulak buku ni hehe)

So I started reading couple of pages...... I really like the introduction part, in which he talks about ‘why’ or ‘how’ the book came into existence. He said, every year around Maulidur Rasul he would write a book about Rasullullah (awesome, isn’t it?). Someone might say that there are many existing books about Rasullulah, why bother writing more? Well this guy doesn’t care if there’s even 3 millions of books about Rasullullah..because he wants to express his feelings, his gratitude, his love towards Nabi Muhammad, and this is his way: by writing books about him.

Some people just have their own, special way to express their love towards Nabi Muhammad. There’s this video we always let our daughter yaya to watch, it’s called “Madad Madad” (praising Rasullullah) by the Burdah Ensemble. It’s nice. Our yaya really likes it: she would shake her body up (and her mama would laugh looking at her). If you try to listen to or download this song from the Youtube, you’ll see that they call it: An Evening in the remembrance of THE BELOVED! It feels so touching..

Somehow, it got me to question myself: What have I done to show that I love Nabi Muhammad? Have I got any books I wrote for him? even any article?

I remember sometime ago, a week after the earthquake that hit Christchurch on Feb 22, there was this “2 minute silence” to remember the disaster that killed 200+ people. The idea was to remember, reflect, and be thankful that we are still alive. It’s a deep thought. Today I was wondering why we never had a “2 minute remembrance of Nabi Muhammad” everyday...to remember, reflect and be thankful to him for all he had done to us.

I really really wish I could write books or ebooks about Rasullullah in future. I even thought about writing other stuff related to him, like his beloved wife Saidatina Khadijah, in an effort to inspire women and wives (including myself) to be a good wife like her. But maybe this dream will come true in..say 3,5 years time. So why should I wait until then?

So I told myself that starting today I must selawat to Nabi as much as possible. This is the least I can do for now to show that I remember, love, and am thankful to him. And I will do it while I am in the middle of doing my routines: washing dishes, cooking, driving, walking...May not be the best time or way of doing it, but at least it’s practical.

Maybe you too could consider this your new habit?

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