Thursday, January 21, 2010

A cup of bubble tea will do


This saturday my Aliya will turn to one month old (time flies, yeah?!). I can't wait to end this confinement period. Have another 2 weeks or so to finally have my taste buds enjoy the soothing taste of bubble tea. It's my favorite drink since some time ago, when I was still in the States. Back then I bought 2 cups everyday (big size!)..I am so into it until now. It's not just a drink. It's a remedy. Whenever my world turns upside down..a cup of bubble tea will do...

Everyone's life is challenging in its own way..all we need is perseverance. I am trying to give my best to keep up with what is expected from me. It has been tough last year, lets hope that this new year will be better. Now that I have my Aliya I must take care of as a mother, I need to have strong self-discipline. Only then I can do well in my study. I have to be mentally prepared from now, before resuming my study in March (and progress report is due 3 months later uhuh!). May Allah help me through...Amin..

Lets try our best, for God never likes us to give up in life..

Gambatte Mama! Yosh!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

La La La It's Love \:D/


Oh I was sooooo happy last night. For the VERY first time (!), I was able to successfully 'dodoi' my Aliya until she fell asleep (another miracle haha). I have to give credit to myself for this :D because all this while whenever I hold her in my arms she would cry. My holding skill is not zero, but negative infinity! haha. My husband blames it on my mechanical eng background (and he's sooo right hehe...)

The feeling of being able to dodoi her is undescrible and priceless.

To all new mothers, especially those with no experience in baby care (like me :D)...GAMBAREEEE!!!! Lets put some more effort to become the best mother to our loved ones.

~ I love her more and more ~

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I'm no angel


Upssss...did I forget something? hmm..hmm...(thinking)

I know I forget something..hehe...I'm truly truly sorry for not keeping my promise...I know you are dying(!) to know what I want my Aliya to be..

anyways..I didn't forget....actually..I did not write on purpose (!) why? Because my husband has it posted in his blog, so I decided not to write the same thing. Sometimes repetition is unnecessary (good reason, isn't it..hehe)...

Enough said...

Without further delay, I'm husband super cool blog :D

Visit now! *wink*

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The arrival of my angel!!!....Aliya Altafunnisa Bt Mohammad Asraff


Tadaaaaa!!!! Here she is!! Finally I got my Aliya came out to this world on the 26th of Dec..I had to endure the contraction from about 10 pm on the 25th to about 5 am the next day. During those hours it was really a nightmare...thanks to the dr who didn't give me the 'bius punggung' (I could care less about the epidural since I wasn't planning to have one)..Alhamdulillah...thank God for giving me a miracle that night...I was able to act cool most of the time (to my surprise!)...thanks to my husband who taught me how to deal with the pain everytime it, by saying a lot: La ila ha illa anta, subhanaka inni kuntu minaz zolimin...

Nevertheless, the pain was all gone the time she came was the happiest moment in my life..and I didn't mind not sleeping for 2 straight days just to be by her side, feeding her..stay awake just to hear her breathing and watch her beautiful face. Ohh my heart melts everytime!

Today is my 22nd day of my confinement period...I must say it was not that easy for me...especially to deal with the emotional disturbance associated with postnatal depression..but Alhamdulillah both of us are getting healthier. I couldn't do a lot of things I want to do with her just yet due to the pain I am suffering at the moment...I owe big time to my kind mother in law, sister in law and my husband who are taking care of her.

I want to be the best mother to her, despite my limitation and circumstances. I grew up with love and care from my I want her to have that kind of mother too...

Now that I have her, I couldn't be asking for more...

....All praise due to Allah....

~ she is my angel ~

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