Thursday, January 21, 2010

A cup of bubble tea will do


This saturday my Aliya will turn to one month old (time flies, yeah?!). I can't wait to end this confinement period. Have another 2 weeks or so to finally have my taste buds enjoy the soothing taste of bubble tea. It's my favorite drink since some time ago, when I was still in the States. Back then I bought 2 cups everyday (big size!)..I am so into it until now. It's not just a drink. It's a remedy. Whenever my world turns upside down..a cup of bubble tea will do...

Everyone's life is challenging in its own way..all we need is perseverance. I am trying to give my best to keep up with what is expected from me. It has been tough last year, lets hope that this new year will be better. Now that I have my Aliya I must take care of as a mother, I need to have strong self-discipline. Only then I can do well in my study. I have to be mentally prepared from now, before resuming my study in March (and progress report is due 3 months later uhuh!). May Allah help me through...Amin..

Lets try our best, for God never likes us to give up in life..

Gambatte Mama! Yosh!


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