Thursday, February 25, 2010

She read as early as 8 months old!!!


It was a lovely morning and we just got back from mandi sungai at ulu bendul. I can't believe it took only about 7 mins to reach there from PIL's place. Gonna be our 'must go' place when Aliya is big enough to play with the cold water. I think she's gonna love it! I could tell she enjoyed the sightseeing (although I don't know to what extend she could see hehe) Her eyes were big, full of curiosity. I just love it!

Oh anyways, I found this really really cool video! check it out, especially if you are parents like me!

The kid in that video started to learn to read as early as under 1 year old, and she already read news paper at 4 years old! Amazing, isn't it? I was browsing yesterday about kid development and found out that we can teach baby how to read as early as when s/he can start grabbing stuff (6 months old!). Of course, there are techniques and precautions..the do's and dont' have to make it fun, don't pressure the kid, stop it before s/he gets bored etc...well I am not trying to restate the information here since you can find tremendous over the internet! I just want to share this excitement..lets do this you guys! Just thinking about my Aliya can read makes me really really happy and really really excited!

Some time ago I read book 'Catatan Hati Nik Nur Madihah'. You sure know her, don't you? She is a genius! well, I know she's not the only one who made records for their SPM results, but she is one of a kind..why? because she grew up from family yg susah, couldn't afford to go to tuition classes..she even copied dictionary because buying one is just impossible (I can't imagine how she could have done that! never ever in my life I had been such diligent). My God, my heart really moved as I read her stories. Well, what I really want to point out about her in here is..I believe one of the reasons for her unbelievable success is the motivation and lessons she learn from her parents, and to my surprise she has a father that, although is a fisherman, loves to read and he even reads stuff about engineering! That is, her father is not a typical fisherman. Her father is a fisherman who appreciates knowledge, and he could have been an engineer or a doctor if he has had the chance. I bet Nik Nur Madihah also loves reading. As for me, I started to love reading only after I met my husband. He is the person who has encouraged me to read, and he himself reads a lot of book..from politics to Islamic stuff, from marketing to psychology and many others...he reads whenever he has a chance..and he always brings a book with him whereever he goes!

We want to make reading as a habit in our family. We want our children to love reading too, and we would not mind buying as many books as they want. But we do bear in mind that, no matter how much we put our effort to educate our children, it is God who decides the final outcome..whether they are genius or not, that is not our long as we have tried our very best to educate them. Plus, it is not how many A's that matters...even if our children are doing so-so in study (after trying their best of course!) but they grow up as anak yang soleh and solehah..that is PERFECT! We could not be asking for more.

Friends...Lets together make our children love to read, may they grow up as people with knowledge. Lets share tips and experience in this matter, may the benefit can be spread to others. Isn't it great if we have lots and lots of Nik Nur Madihah? and isn’t it just really really great if among them are our own children?


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