Sunday, February 14, 2010

I hit a jackpot!


This is AWESOME! I mean really really AWESOME!

What happen?

My first year at the University of Canterbury wasn't so good. Actually, was pretty bad. It was OK at the beginning. But then problems came one after wouldn't believe it!

and I haven't accomplished anything for my study. Nothing.

and now my second year has hit its second month and is approaching the 3rd.

I was so worried that sometimes I cry.

But, who knew that it only took couples of second for this to change! Yes, it was a miracle. and it was Allah who has helped me when suddenly an idea for my research came across my mind. And I am telling you, it was a brilliant one. And If I am right about it, I totally hit a jackpot! My God, I am happier than ever.

When I thought about all this thing, about all the problems, difficulties, lost I had to face for the past few months, and how things are turned upside down in just few seconds..nothing came to my mind but how merciful Allah beautiful life He has given us..and more importantly how great He is..with only a small favor of his, He has made it easy and washed away all the difficulties!

And who are we to oppose Him...and who are we to make fate better than He does...

Thank you Allah..

Lesson learned. Lets keep trying in this life. Things might be really hard at times, but don't let our guard down! For Allah can and will make it easy if He wishes so..

lets gambatte minna!

Oh by the way, I got my bubble tea!!! Hihihihihi. All thanks to my in laws who found the bubble tea stall and many many thanks for buying me some. How thoughtful you guys are! :D Now I can have bubble tea almost everyday (since it's waayyy cheaper here in Senawang than in KL, and wayyyy closeby)

what's more interesting than having bubble tea almost every day? (senyum sampai telinga heh heh heh)

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Crystals of Canterbury said...

Alhamdulillah :)
So when are you all coming back?

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