Friday, December 18, 2009

Shocking News!!!


I had my latest antenatal check up on last Thursday, when I found that I’ve lost almost 2 kg since the last check up. I was happy (and surprise too) because I heard that losing some weight at the end of pregnancy indicates something that I’ve been waiting: the time! It has almost come! (I would rather take it as a myth though)…plus, I’ve been craving this and that lately so the fact that my weight went down despite the extra food intake makes me really happy (hihihiihi)...

But…my happiness didn’t last long..busted in a blink of an eye when the Dr said that I shouldn’t have lost my weight and that it may indicate something is wrong (I was like…what? You kidding me!) Can you imagine…it’s my 38th week pregnancy, full of excitement…and suddenly the ‘something-is-not-right’ came out from the Dr’s mouth! I was really shocked! So she referred me to the government’s clinic for further check up (which means I have to go to that crowded place again, standing while waiting until my number is called which then when the time comes I will have to hear the nurses nagging about this and that that I should and shouldn’t do. Oh by the way, I didn’t go there for the next appointment which I should’ve gone, so I can imagine that they would scold me for that… ready!!!). My goodness, I really wished I didn’t have to go to that place anymore. Nevermind, for aliya’s sake, mommy will do everything (*wink*)

So we made a plan to go there on the next day. That evening we were watching football match between Malaysia and Vietnam when we realized it was gonna be a public holiday on Friday. Public holiday on Friday means that the earliest time we can do the check up would be on the following Monday! Panic, I called my relative who is a doctor. Thank God, she told me that nothing is to be worried about if the baby kept moving like was really a relief..Alhamdulillah (it did relieve me a lot since aliya is not only moving more than 10 times a day, but she has been kicking every inch of my tummy all she wants..I made a conclusion that she is preparing herself to be a sports girl unlike her mom hehehe) ..Alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah…

That’s all news about aliya, brought to you by …..

Actually I have been thinking a lot about her…she’s coming out soon insyaAllah..but have I prepared enough to be a good mother? How would I make her to listen to me? How would I know what she wants when she cries like crazy? Things like that…

And most important, I’ve been asking myself, what kind of person will she be growing up as? What I want her to be?

Thank God, I've found the answer (and it's perfect!). What is it? jeng jeng be continued! (so make sure you read the next entry hehe)


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