Saturday, March 13, 2010

wanted: part time superheroin


We are finally back in Christchurch, NZ. Not 2, but 3 of us..hehe. We are glad that Aliya seems to like her new place. Knowing my manja daughter who usually likes to be hold, I am so relieved that she got no problem seating on her own in her car seat. Good girl! (I guess I haven't known her enough)...It was funny when we first put her in the car seat...she didn't dare to move her hands an inch! Oh, I really really like the expression on her face when she and her babah sent me to school on Friday. Seating calmly in her car seat, with her 'all grown up' attitude...the look was like saying "OK mama, time to study..blajar rajin2" haha! Oh I really really love it!

It took us few days to settle down. We arrived in Christchurch on Monday but we were still busy cleaning up the house on Thursday. Well, the house wasn't that messy..but I guess the time has finally come to reveal the real me --> I am a part time superheroin! haha! I was gonna have a meeting with my supervisor on Friday morning, but until about 2 am I haven't had the chance to do some preparation I had in mind. I got so tired that I couldn't do any work related to my study, yet I couldn't sleep worrying and thinking too much about the meeting. Double losses for me!

"Mengaku kelemahan diri tapi jangan mengaku kalah pada kelemahan itu" husband told me, trying to make me felt better.

I really like that sentence (hence the entry) and he was right. 'Mengaku kelemahan diri' is acknowledging our limitation. I am not a superwoman. I can't work continuously for the whole day. Getting tired after such physical work is logical. By doing this ('mengaku kelemahan diri'), we could release the pressure of trying to do beyond our limitation. In my case, initially I was planning to get this 'she's doing a great job' look on my supervisor's face. I impatiently wanted him to know the research idea I have in mind. I was gonna have it written out nicely. But it stressed me out. Because I didn't have any energy left. But hubby said that I could just explain to him the idea and then say "I am sorry, actually I wanted to document this well but I didn't have the time yet since I just got back and was so busy cleaing up my house". Would he be mad? No. Was I still be able to impress him? Yes. 'mengaku kelemahan diri'..I was still able to get his good impression on me despite not having to do the writing I initially planned. And I wasn't stressed out anymore after hubby taught me this. Double victories for me! hooreyy ~ tq abam


Beware of the misconception on this...hence the latter 'tapi jangan mengaku kalah pada kelemahan itu'. Some people use the limitation as an excuse, but in a wrong way, where it leads to not doing the best they could otherwise be doing. Saying like "apa nak buat, ni je yang boleh.." with that loser look...urgh! people do have limitation...but the question remains "have they done enough given their limitation and circumstances?" We must know our limitation, yet we should try our best with what we've got:

"Mengaku kelemahan diri tapi jangan mengaku kalah pada kelemahan itu".

lesson learnt.

Oh anyway yesterday we went to a lovely place called Mona Vale to get few shots of our lovely Yaya. Here's some pics:


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