Saturday, March 27, 2010

perfect weekends!


I had a forthnight meeting with my supervisor on Friday afternoon, and these words pop out from his mouth "siti, u have to take care of yourself!"

I know! must be my swollen and barely openned eyes. I hardly sleep at night these days. Aliya has started to sleep longer at night so I thought it is a perfect time for me to study. It is. But unfortunately with little sleep everyday my mind couldn't function well towards the end of the week that I even forgot to bring Aliya's book during visit to a clinic for her 3 months vaccination. I am thankful to my husband who has helped a lot. and I am thankful to my Aliya too..for making me happy despite the tiring day and pressure from study. It came to my mind that Allah gave me Aliya not to make it more difficult to study due to all the responsibilities that come along, but to make it easier by being happier! Thank you Allah.

~ Our happy little family ~

and the weekends came. PERFECT!!

I had a long good sleep! On Sunday morning after subuh prayer, my hubby asked "nak ikut tak gi tangkap ikan?".."Yeah, lets watch the sunrise"..I said. So off we went to the place, called kaiapoi. It was cold, but I managed to get few shots :D

Oh, anyway, On Thursday Aliya went to Plunket, a provider of child care in NZ. Aliya now weighs 6 kgs at 61 cm tall. We were treated well by the lady. At mid 40s, she is doing well with her job. I observe same thing whenever I go in this country - no matter what they work as, these people do great job. They are proud with their job. Be it a cleaner. Because a clean office provides good working environment for other people. This must be the reason.

Wouldn't it be great if we can be like em too!

I am a worker too. I teach. So I must teach well. Only then my students can do great job. See, great job makes another great job! (haha, I like that phrase!).

and here's Plunket's cutest baby of the day:


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