Monday, March 15, 2010

A few little things that means BIG!


I didn't make any resolution on new year's eve this year. No particular reason.

Yesterday I read a book by Mohammad Fauzil Adhim, one of Indonesian best authors (esp in parenting). I am not a bookworm. I am very picky. But this book really really did attract me the first time I saw it. I skimmed through and read first few pages at the bookstore. He wrote it nicely at first glance...and the content seems perfect. It says "Saat berharga Untuk Anak kita" on the cover.

Indeed it is a perfect book. Just imagine, I was reading only the first few pages yesterday when I got so enlightened to become a great mother. So I grabbed a paper and colorful pens and wrote this:

My resolutions for this year! Belated.

I remember about 10 years ago I wrote on my wall at school, something like: "must get 9A1 in SPM insyaAllah" (back then the max subjects taken was 10 and I took only 9. I was gonna take an extra subject but I was demotivated by a 'friend' who said that it would be hard for me, and I mistakenly listened to her. I was surprised when my classmate could easily get an A1 for that extra subject I should have taken. Since then I never listen to those negators!). Know what happen the first time I sticked it on my wall? I was laughed at. She said she wouldn't write that, because the shame of not being able to accomplish that is unbearable. True. But, what happen at the end? I got 9A1 and she didn't. Conclusion: believe in yourself!

Well I know for many people those little things mean little. But considering my current condition as a student, a wife, and a mother of 2 months old baby who is fully dependent on her parents...those little things mean really BIG. In fact I have many many other things I want to do everyday. I want to be a writer. I consider it as my 2nd job in future. I don't want to be typical lecturer, doing and contributing nothing outside the academic world.

But there is only 24 hours in a day. Breastfeeding alone takes about 30 mins each time, and she is hungry every 2 hours on average, many hours do I have left for all other stuff minus breastfeeding? Do the math! AND there is also certain limit to the amount of energy we have. So I am going to be realistic, hence the short list.

Yes, it is indeed a good book. It tells me that no matter how busy, how tired I am, I must make time for my yaya (aside from changing nappies, bath, breastfeeding etc). I would come home early to first feed her, then take her for an evening walk. Seeing her big eyes looking at the flowers, all my headache from school goes away.

Because she would be a baby only once in her life!

As time goes by, she'll grow and become more and more independent that one day she'll do everything on her own. And when that time comes, what can I do for her? I'll be almost unneeded. Sad but true!

I AM busy with my study stuff, yet I don't want to regret it later that I didn't spend time for her. Some people think that we can start doing that later (say when the child is 4 years old) but hello, remember the word 'bonding'? It has to start since the time the baby arrives in this world!

It is really a good book. Go get one!

Anyways, today is our 2nd anniversary :D :D Yes, it is a perfect time for making a resolution hehe.

Dear my beloved hubby, happy 2nd anniversary. May God bless our family with happiness in good times and hard times...and all time. Amin. I love you. I love our family. you + me + yaya + more to come hehe!

Oh, look at her chearful smile :D


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